Tasting Beer at Terrapin

Tasting Beer at Terrapin Brewery, Athens Georgia

Beer Trip to Athens Georgia to Taste Terrapin

Visit to Terrapin~ Winebrindis

 We went to a very special trip to Athens Georgia to taste Terrapin beers. I say special trip because Wine Brindis usually go for wine tasting, not beer tasting!. Terrapin brewery is located in Ahens Georgia activiy full of live and love for music and beer. Terrapin has a creative force behind their brewmaster and are growing at at accelerated rate. The 2 owners started the brewery more than 10 years ago with the vision of creating a different kind of beer and only after a few month in the business Terrapin won the American Pale Ale Gold Medal at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival.


Terrapin Brewery~Wine BrindisI enjoyed specially 2 type of beers: Golden Ale (Yes! that’s a winner!) and Rye Pale Ale most of the other beers were of the “sour type” . I saw that Hope Karma had a lot of followers as well. We had a guided tour of the facilities and then we join the crowd outside to enjoy beer and music.

These days these beers can be enjoyed in SE states and it was a great boon at this year St. Patrick’s Days in Savannah, Georgia where the patrons were asking for Terrapin,the familiar beer.


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